A collective of former Royal Marine Commandos tired and agitated by civilian life use their shared skillset of violence to lethally engage and ‘rip off’ a dark and dangerous criminal organisation with military precision.

SUNRAY is a project that has been jointly written and produced by three former Royal Marine Commandos turned film makers and photographers. The series also stars former Royal Marines turned civilian actors. Both cast and crew can draw from a wealth of tactical knowledge and emotional experiences allowing us to tap into a unique realm of storytelling.

To really be yourself, there’s just one choice: the IVECO S-WAY Range, the trucks with all the features you need. The new cab is designed to let you drive long distances with premium comfort.

This Advert, filmed for Iveco in 2020, features Tip Cullen as the main characters, playing both parts as twins with two different personalities.

‘The Element’ is the debut single from ‘Lanky And The Beard’. [Tip Cullen Videos]

After a disastrous TV interview, washed up rockstar (Tip Cullen) is forced to confront his role in his much younger wife’s recent death. [Tip Cullen Videos]